Maximising land value is our speciality

We are experts at gaining the very best possible planning outcome for your land and building bespoke high quality developments. We provide reliable advice efficiently, so we can move quickly to maximise opportunities and returns for landowners.

We structure deals in a way that best suit the landowners circumstances. No two deals are the same in development and we pride ourselves on building strong relationships so we can focus on the requirements of the landowner. This can result in the efficient structuring of tax positions, contracts tailored to specific circumstances, joint ventures or a myriad of other considerations. We always listen carefully and meticulously agree a deal and a development which works perfectly for both parties.


Combining bespoke designs and high quality build methods
we are able to deliver beautiful developments that sit perfectly with their surroundings


We scour our target areas both online and on foot to identify potential developlent sites. Contact is made with owners and after a full development appraisal is completed a sale is negotiated.


Our in house expertise in scheme design and planning feasibility ensures we maximise the site’s value through the complex planning permission process, enableing us to offer landowners the best price.


The development is managed right from site clearance to completion in house. We have a successful team of contractors and professional partners we call up on to deliver the developments to the highest standard.


Depending on the type of development, and how it fits in with our build to rent portfolio, the completed units will be market either for sale or for rent. In some instances units are sold direct to other investors.

We have a 100% success rate with planning

With our methodical approach and the help of our expert architects and planning consultants we can be sure of obtaining the best possible planning permission for our development sites.


Land Appraisals

We can appraise your land and fully asses the development potential using our in house expertise and the extensive experience of our professional partners. Our skills cover many areas including national planning policy which always takes precedent so we know how to maximise land values. We work with the most skilled architects and consultants in the industry to ensure that we provide the best tailor made solutions for you.

At the heart of what we do is a rigorous land acquisition procedure, the landowner can be assured that we will deliver on the terms that are agreed and we will ensure the fastest route through the process. Our in house capability and experience of maximising development opportunities means it is not necessary to pay for the services of a middle man before selling to us. We can gain planning consent and start developing the site without delay therefore minimising costs.

Contact us at hello@livingsmart.co.uk or give us a call 0161 768 0262

We hold regular investor days where we visit our current projects so you can see what we are up to and have all of your questions answered. Please get in touch to find out when the next one is taking place, we'd love to welcome you along.