Guaranteed Rent

We guarantee your payments and take out rent guarantee insurance on all of our tenants

No Marketing Costs

We take care of all marketing including arranging and conducting tenant viewings

Maintenance Included

We have our own experienced maintenance team that take care of any issues

No Tenant Arrears

All tenants are rigorously referenced and interviewed to determine suitability

Fully Managed

We become your tenant so you no longer have to deal with tenant issues

Totally Hands Off

We take care of everything, tenants, maintenance, health and safety

We will rent and manage your property

We offer a very simple way for you to enjoy the benefits of your investment property without any of the everyday hassle that regularly crops up. We effectively become your tenant, renting your property off your for a guaranteed rent each month, we take care of everything else:

Sounds too good to be true?

This is how we make it work... we offer a lot of benefits and guarantees to you as a landlord so you have a much higher degree of cost certainty.

We offer professional tenants a high end living experience for which they pay a premium. This is a more hands on approach but our experience, systems and processes combined with the higher than average market rents we achieve create a win win situation for us, our tenants and you the landlord. The difference we make between the higher rent we achieve through our focused approach and the rent we guarantee to you is our profit.

Our Tenants

Our tenants are typically relocating to the area because they are starting a new job. We currently have solicitors, doctors, health professionals, accountants etc living in our properties. All of our tenants are rigorously referenced and interviewed by the Living Smart team to determine suitability and rent guarantee insurance is always taken out.

Your asset

Because of the hands on nature of our model we have regular access to your property so we keep a very close eye on it. We also have a weekly cleaner who reports back to us as well as keeping your property in top condition. On top of this we can provide you access with 24 hours notice.

We keep in regular contact with our partners and schedule visits as a matter of procedure. We ensure your asset is kept in the best condition possible.

The Living Smart Partner Guarantee

Contact us now to find out how we can work together and to arrange a visit to one of our existing properties so you can see first hand how we operate. If you would like more details about how we work with landlords please see our landlords FAQ.

Compare us to your current situation

Current Situation subject to tenant arrears


Monthly Rent: £1,800
  • £1,800
  • £1,080
  • £2,160
  • £100
  • £200


Monthly Profit: £1,355

Living Smart fully guaranteed rent


Monthly Rent: £1,600
  • £0
  • £0
  • £0
  • £0
  • £0


Monthly Profit: £1,600

I cannot recommend Living Smart enough and would like to wish Ben and Tom all the best for the future, thanks for everything guys!

- Richard -

General Questions

We become your tenant so you only ever deal with us, which we assure you will make your life much easier. We appreciate though that there will be many questions that need to be answered. We are completely transparent and are more than happy to provide all answers and a thorough introduction to our company's systems, policies and procedures.

This FAQ answers the most common questions. The next step is to arrange a visit to one of our properties so we can show you exactly how we operate.

We sign agreements from 3 to 7 years with the average being 5 years. This is dependent on the amount of work that needs to be carried out before we can let the property using our model. If we need to carry out a large refurb to bring the house up to standard we will typically require a longer agreement, if our partner is prepared to help fund the work we can reduce this. This is open to negotiation and is completely flexible depending on your requirements.
Our referencing procedure includes tenant affordability analysis and a detailed Equifax financial report which covers address history, electoral roll registration, linked addresses and credit score. We also analyse tenant history, get an employer's reference, and carry out the right to rent compliance. Because this referencing procedure is so robust everyone of our tenants qualifies for rent guarantee insurance which we always take out for complete peace of mind for us and our partners. This provides cover up to £50,000 for rent arrears, eviction and legal costs and malicious damage cost recovery. In short we guarantee your rent and our rent is also guaranteed.

As well as renting properties from landlords we have our own portfolio of properties. We have extensive knowledge of refurbishments, routine maintenance and the associated costs.

We carry out quarterly maintenance reviews on all of the properties we own and manage so we can identify potential issues before they turn into bigger, more expensive problems. We have strong relationships with trusted local contractors and can help you with any work your property may require.

We cover one off maintenance costs up to £100 as part of our agreement, if repairs are required which are more than this we will contact you. This means that for most maintenance issues (toilets not flushing, renewing silicone in bathrooms, fixing door and cupboard handles...etc) you will not hear from us at all. For issues which require your authority we can manage the whole process for you and just issue an invoice to you for your tax records. Alternatively you can use your own contractors.

We receive rent payments from tenants at the start of the month and make payments to our partners at the end of the month. We start to make your guaranteed payments as soon as the property is ready for tenants. This is often immediately or as soon as we have completed the refurbishment.

In most cases unless a partner needs to sell their asset they renew their agreement at the end of the term. This is a simple process and one which we can discuss in advance.

We have been managing properties for 5 years and understand tenant issues and industry legislation and regulation intimately. As soon as we sign an agreement with you we are responsible and have to deal with all tenant issues, we are the first point of contact for disputes, emergencies... everything.

We work with trusted local companies and meet the engineers at the property on your behalf. We ensure the following are current where applicable:
  • Gas Safe Certificate
  • PAT Certification
  • Fire Safety / Smoke / Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • HMO Licensing
We keep a copy of the certificates, provide tenants with a copy and send a copy to you.

All of our tenants provide a deposit which is secured in the government backed Deposit Protection Scheme - DPS. In the unlikely event we have any problems this money would be used to repair your property.

As a company we have public liability insurance and we can provide you with our policy details. As the property owner it is your responsibility to keep the buildings and contents insurance current and at an appropriate level of cover. Residential insurance does not provide adequate cover, you will need either a buy to let policy or a policy for HMO’s. We can provide advice on this matter and details of the partners we use to insure our own properties. We will need copies of your insurance for our compliance.

As part of our compliance procedure before we can assume control of the management of your property we require 2 x proof of ID (1 x photo ID and 1 x utility bill) and proof of ownership of the property we will be managing.

Allowances need to be made for fair wear and tear during the period of the agreement. We always ensure a thorough inventory is carried out before we start to manage your property to assist with this. We can take care of this or you may choose to instruct an independent inventory company. We can advise on the options for this.

It is important that if you have finance on your property you obtain “Consent to Let” from your lender and it covers multi let contracts. We require you to sign a warranty in our contract confirming that you are on the correct mortgage product, again we can advise on this matter.

We are registered data controllers with the Information Commissioner's Office (ZA068829), National Landlords Association accredited landlords (134580) and are part of the Property Redress Scheme (PRS008554).

Contact us at or give us a call 0161 768 0262

We hold regular investor days where we visit our current projects so you can see what we are up to and have all of your questions answered. Please get in touch to find out when the next one is taking place, we'd love to welcome you along.